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This is the offical website for the book "Chinese tourists - what do they want? Facts, tips and succesful examples" by Ingemar Fredriksson and Lyu Wen. Here we will add updated information on how you can succeed in attracting Chinese tourist. We will also add general information and successful examples for inspiration.

Ingemar Fredriksson has 30+ years experience in top management, business development, profitability development and marketing. He has worked with plenty of SMEs in different industries (including tourism) and also with Fnatic, IKEA, Invest Sweden, Miss Sweden and the Swedish government. He has also been vice chairman of The Swedish Federation of Business Owners. Since a few years back he lives and works in the UAE. All four books by Ingemar Fredriksson, in their original Swedish edition, have featured on top lists together with names like Steve Jobs, Daniel Kahneman, Thomas Piketty, Sun Tzu and even the Fifty shades-series. Search on YouTube for “Ingemar Fredriksson’s books – Bestsellers for 15 years!” for a full video click here.

To our assistance we have a large network of very talented Chinese experts within everything from social media, translation, localization to trading so do not hesitate to contact us for anything you need.


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